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Electrogenerations best album of 2004

  Album of the month july chosen by the Electrogeneration

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Kooper Kain - Turning Cities to Salt

Kooper Kain - Turning Cities To Salt (2004) cdalbum


I was very surprised about there sound, when i putted there lovely album in my cdplayer and listen to to there cool & exiting songs.The entire album sounds very professional & original. Difficult  to put a label on , because there sound is more a variety of different styles like gothic, electro,new wave, rock, dark ambient.If i have to put a label on there music, i wil cal it New Century New Wave.Because there sound has got a very nice 80's new wavefeeling, also it sounds very renewing.Kooper Kain realy ROCKS !!! They use cool synths & great guitars.There singer has got a absolute fine voice, one that's quite unique.There are many highlights on there album.To name a few, here are the songs that i like the most :"All that's needed", "Red Satin Rivers", "Too Far Gone","Orchid", "Moonlight Kiss","Icy Stars".To be honest, i can't find any real weak song on there album.More info about Kooper Kain you find on there official webbsite 

Complete AlbumTracklist :   

                  1.Icy Stars

                  2.Sentence Now

                  3. Breach

                  4. Moonlight Kiss


                  6.All That s Needed

                  7.80 Years Of Dirt

                  8.Flicker, Flicker & Out

                  9.Eyes On The Ocean



                12.Too Far Gone

                13.Red Satin Rivers

                14.Apocalypse & Pawn

                15.The Ne er Do Well


                17.Goodnight Lustmord

                18.The Cowboy Vampires


Reviewed by Dj Cybergoth on Sunday 4 july '04.


Kooper Kain - Turning Cities to Salt