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At this moment Drone 24/7 are in studio,  hard working on a new album.Time for a interview , we thought.So i sended them some interviewquestions.The entire interview is on this page.The Interview was made with Michelle (MZ) , G-Spot (GV) and Coma (CW) .... BandAnswers are pointed out as (D247)..the personal Answers are pointed out like shown above..Whatch out for our upcoming parties, because we will play some innovative

songs of there current releases.


Danny aka Dj Cybergoth ( Electrogeneration Webmaster)


(interview made & published online thursday 28 october 2004 )



Who are the members of Drone 24/7, what's there role in the band ?

(D247) : Michelle Zagon (Drums) + ComaWhite (Vox) + GspotVortexxx (Guitar) + DeadRat (Keys) + Mistress LiviaChoice (Keys) + VegasForge (Bass)

How did Drone 24/7 arise & become a band ?

(D247) : we escaped from planet DRONE and now that we hit this planet...we had to do founding a Band !!!

Can you explain the name of the band ?

(D247) : Yes...of course we could, but we donīt feel the need to explain anything at all !!!

What role does music, play in your life?

(D247) : Music is something really important to us, but...WE DO MORE THAN ONLY MUSIC !!! Music is one of the many things we like and it feels good to be "lost in music", but we sold our souls to a lot of things and we donīt want to miss anyting of the rest...

What are your likes & dislikes about the music industry & the world we living in ?

(MZ) : in this world : sex, drugs, perverted people are fine...Fakes and other assholes are what turns this world into a piece of shit. in the buisness : well...from the moment they get you - they suck it out from you !
(CW) : I donīt care about this world...I donīt care about the Buisness...nothing really matters to me !!! Its only about what human beeings do and who the fuck has to take care of them ?
(GV) : time to smash my Guitars...

Who write the Drone 24/7 songs ?

(D247) : the machines do it for us...

Which instruments do you use for the sound of your band?

(MZ) : I use D-DRUM 4SE, Sonor Drums, Tama Hardware and other stuff...
(GV) : MesaBoogie, Boss, Fender, Gibson...
(CW) : Boss, Zoom, and a lot of strange analog hardware shit that I BEAT UP from time to time !!! Sometimes we use software synth stuff as well, but it depends on the song we do...
How would you describe the Drone 24/7  sound ?

(D247) : just listen to our SHIT and make up your own mind !!! Talking about music or sound is CRAP...go and LISTEN !!!

What  influenced the lyrics & the sound of Drone 24/7 in making them? Why?

(D247) : Ask the machines...we just perform it !!!

What do you think of remixes ?

(D247) : Always great stuff !!! Its nice to discover what may sleep inside a track and waits to be released. Right now we are inside the ProductionProcess for our new CD (Release March 2005) and we want to feature 3 - 4 Re:MixXxes from other Bands/Artists on it. If someone reads this and wants to know more about it...send a mail to :

If you make a remix for another band, what do you try do ?

(D247) : We do it the DRONE way, but to be honest...whatever we try, it always ends up in listening to the machines and after they told us what to do, it sounds !!!

Where can the people see Drone 24/7 live on stage, what can they expect of the show?

(D247) : Expect some +18 rated BDSM ROCK SHOW...same like music...we donīt want to explain. We will be back on stage in 2005, after the fucked up CD is done and if you want to know whats going on...get yourself a ticket and see it on your own!

How are the experiences with the audience that come to see you perform ?

(D247) : some people LOVE it...some people HATE it...some people UNDERSTAND...some DONīT UNDERSTAND...who cares ?

What can the people expect from the upcoming Drone 24/7 cd , when is the release ?

(D247) : As mentioned...Release shall be in March 2005 via RoughTrade Distribution and the CD will contain 12 DRONE Tracks and some Re:MixXxes and will have a total running time of more than 60min. Maybe it will be enhanced Audio, featuring additional Video and/or GraphX from us...right now we are working on the tracks, the rest will come later.

What are Drone 24/7 plans & expectations  for the future ?

(D247) : Gettin back on the road and on stage...and surviving it !!!

Do you have a message for our party visitors & the other people in the world ?

(MZ) : Never do the things people expect from you and HATE your MUM !!!
(GV) : Love, Peace and Happyness...does NOT fuckin EXSIST !!!
(CW) : we all need to BURN some day


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