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Electrogeneration Interview with

Alex Twin from the band 3 Cold Men is our Secret special guestDj, on our Top Secretnight + 3 Cold Men-releaseparty @ Tequila Gent saturday 7 august.To introduce him & his band new release to our visitors here on the web & on our parties , i had a interview with him.Wich you can read on this page.

Danny aka Dj Cybergoth ( Electrogeneration Webmaster)

( interview made on Thursday 15 july 2004)


Alex, can you tell us & the Belgian people from where you are ?
I'm brazilian from Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo has more than 18 Millions people
living there!

How is the Gothic/Electro /wavescene in your homecountry ? Are there any
differences with here in Europe?
In Brazil, gothic/industrial/wave scene is so different from Europe! All
scenes around Europe are a little bit different! But in Brazil is a bit
Brazil is too much 80's place! All the time you can listen 80's songs. I
love 80's, but have lots of new bands with wonderfull songs! The best thing
to do is play old and new! But many djs there play just old stuff!It's happened
for some problems: Don't have record labels, magazines, radio
stations playing this kind of music and the most important: no money to
buy culture(cds, import magazines, etc...)Right now is better than 5 years
ago, with more new stuff on the parties,new parties... Bands like Poesie
Noire/ Front 242/ SA42/ Neon Judgement are great hit bands there!
Right Now have lots of parties going on and 4 or 5 night clubs(just in Sao

You are a member of the band 3 Cold Men, whats you role in the band ?
3CM was my idea! I asked Franck and Maurizio about this new projects and
them said" Yes, of course". I play keyboards(composing the melodies) and
do some lyrics as well.

Who are the other members of 3 Cold Men, how did you meet them?
Franck Lopez(Opera Multi Steel/O Quam Tristis/ Collection D'arnell Andrea)
Maurizio Bonito (Individual Industry and Volv Uncion)
Maurizio has playing with me since 1987(Individual Industry). About Franck,
I'm a big OMS fan and they went play in Brazil 1997 and Individual Industry
opened the concert! After that we keep contact more and more about music,
like good friends and lovers of 80's music.

Which synthesisers & other instruments do you use for the sound of your
Well, to record we use virtual keyboards(Cubase, analogue programs). Live,
maybe we will used real virtual keyboards, computer, guitar(for 2 songs)
and we have a drummer(Rui Ramos - ex-Clan of Xymox).

Who write the 3 Cold Men songs ?
The music is composed by me and Maurizio and the lyrics are composed by
me and Franck or just Franck.

How would you describe the 3 Cold Men sound ?
3CM are electro music. Sometimes more dark/dramatic, sometimes more pop,
sometimes more introspective. We love different kind of alternative music:
gothic, industrial, dark wave, EBM, ethereal, noise, etc...
We are past & future together!

What other bands did influenced 3 Cold Men?
Well, we listen different styles, but basic influence are: Visage, John
Foxx, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode together with recently bands like Diary of
Dreams, Deine Lakaien, Covenant.

What can the people expect from the new 3 Cold Men cd ?
If you like music with melodies, 80's/90's influencies, with a good structure(arrange
and drum) and a wonderfull male voice, you will be great moments listening
3CM album.

You were also involved in the band Individual Industry. Can you tell us
something more about this project ?
Individual Industry started in 1987! We are electro-ethereal-pop band with
female voice! We got 2 albums released in germany(1993 and 1997) and one
limited box set(100 copies only) released last December! We got a great
midia in 1993 with night clubs and few magazines in Germany! The influencies:
Cocteau Twins, Bjork, Twilight Ritual. The official web site will be ready
end of this year.

As a Dj, which styles do you like to play on parties?
Well, I started play as Dj in 1987, so I played all imaginary styles you
Industrial, Gothic Rock, synth pop. EBM old school. medieval, ethereal,
Actually, I play more powerfull songs, but I love new and old stuff! You
can listen on my set list: Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Hocico, SITD, Blutengel,
Qntal, Das Ich, Diary of Dreams, And One, Wumpscut, FLA, ASP, Clockdva,

What satisfied you the most, playing live with your band on stage or being
a dj at some parties? Tel us also why?
I Love play live. My last gig was in 1997 with 3 Cold Men. We opened Opera
Multi Steel concert in Sao Paulo/Brazil. I'm really waiting for to be on
stage again. Anyway, I love play as dj in different situations and places!
I feel good playing to enthusiastic people! Boths are great!

What are you & your band plans for the future? Where can the people see
you this summer with your band or as a Dj ?
3CM will prepare live concerts(maybe in november(South America). We wanna
make a gig next year in Europe as well. I will record with Individual Industry
the new album and coompose new songs to a new project more industrial! As
dj I' not sure yet! Maybe few parties in Brazil and South America end of
the year!

What are your expectations from the Belgian people, when you visit Belgium?
I have been in Brussels and Antwerp 9 years ago! I like there. I have no
idea which music/style you play there. I know about Belgium scene in 80's(Front
242, SA42, Poesie Noire, etc... I'm really curious and ancious to play there!

Do you have a message for our party visitors & the other people in the world?
Don't leave the electro/gothic/industrial scene die! The world are changing
all the time, lots of problems with copyrights, mp3,etc... Is very important
keep the alternative labels alive! When you go to a party or festival, buying
cds, you are helping to keep the scene on!
I wanna help the scene on my way...
Thank you so much

new 3 Cold Men-release out now

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