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3 Cold Men - Urban Remixes

 (album of the month February 2006)

After their first debut album, which was very well  received in the international gothic/ electro scene , is there now special for the 3 Cold Men fans, Dj's & other party animals, an album released, with the songs of there first album in a remixed version.

 These remixes will score most likely very good on the dance floor, of every Electro/Gothic/Wave/synthpop party.

 The amusing at this remix album is that it still sounds typically 3 Cold Men, with all good ingredients from there debut album + new elements from the participating remixers.

This album is highly recommendable for every party in your club, pub, home, car, or where you want.


Reviewed by Dj Cybergoth, on 11 February 2006 @ Schoten Belgium.


Electrogeneration presents: Friday 24 March ‘06, 3 Cold Men “Urban Remixes” Release-party @ Twieoo Gent (official 3 Cold Men Homepage)


Leaether Strip - After The Devastation

(album of the month January 2006)

Finally after a long time of silence, Leaeter Strip return with a new album. This double album is maybe cleaner,& not so hard as his previous work.The vocals are less distorted.But it is still a very recognisable dark electro sound, like only Leaether Strip can make. A sound full of dark moody atmospheres, strong hard edging lyrics & highly danceble electro basslines.This album is one of the strongest electro releases from the last months.Highly recommandable.

Reviewed by Dj Cybergoth on Saturday 10 February '06 

 Wumpscut:  Evoke

(Electrogeneration album of the month may 2005)

Wumpscut is a welknown band on mostlikely every dark electro / gothicparty around the world.With this album Wumpscut surprise us again with a very unique dark electro sound.The sound on this album is cleaner, more atmospheric, mystic, & synthetic than on previous wumpscut albums.Highly recommandable for every dark electro & Wumpscut diehardfan.On the second disc of the 2 disc edition of this album there are remixes by Suicide Commando, Kirlian Camera, Wumpscut, Brain Leisure, Naked Beat, Nersoton, Sacdar, Laittog, Yendri,Cerebral Apoplexy, Dismantled.



1. Maiden
2. Churist Churist
3. Don't Go
4. Evoke
5. Tomb
6. Hold
7. Krolok
8. Breathe
9. Rush
10. Perdition
11. Obsessio

Wumpscut Evoke album reviewed by Dj Cybergoth on Monday 16 may 2005

Asmodeus X Mourningstar


(Electrogeneration album of the month January 2005)



Recently i found this band on the internet. From the first time i listen to them, I know this is a band everyone has learn to know.

There songs have great lyrics & good melody. It would be a big hole in your culture, if you ignore them. Almost Every electro & synthpopfan will float in higher environments, when they are opened to the synthetic music of Asmodeus X .There music is a mixture from EBM, synthpop, dark wave, industrial, minimal electro & 80’s styled wave. Comparisons in style can be made with bands like Front 242, Poesie Noire, A Split Second, The Electric Hellfire Club, Death in June & New Order.


01. Morningstar
02. Voices of the Fallen
03. Sons of Midnight
04. Against the Moon
05. Kreislauf
06. S.E.T.I.
Roman P
08. L.O.D.
Crucified Serpent
10. Krishna
11. Morningstar (Visionary Mix)


For more information about Asmodeus X or to order Asmodeus X releases,

click on the banner below


Latex Records


Asmodeus X Mourningstar album Reviewed by Dj Cybergoth on Friday 24 December 2004




Combichrist - Sex, Drogen Industrial



With this E.P.,Combichrist are giving a taste on what there will come on there new album "Everybody Hates You". Which is for release in 2005.This E.P counts 5 Tracks + 2 secret bonus tracks. One of the highlights of this e.p. is sure the song “Tractor” which is made in truth D.A.F.- versus Front 242 style, this is a song that will make every electro, futurepop fan dance. Other highlights on this e.p. are the song “Sex Drogen Und Industri”- remixes. & this e.p. is a release with highly danceable, powerful & distorted EBM-lines for people who like club oriented Industrial-dance.


Track-list :


1.Blut Royale
4.Sex, Drogen und Industrial (Low Tech)
5.Sex, Drogen und Industrial (Soman Remix)
6.Vater Unser (Combicritters Remix)
7.Like To Thank My Buddies (LiveAt Infest)


Reviewed by Dj Cybergoth on Thursday 20 December 2004


CTRL - Lose The Image



Yesterday I found this album by my mail. Strange I never heard from this band before. Musically they have there own sound, but to describe this album to people who are also new to there music I would describe there sound as O.M.D. meets *The Cure & New Order. Especially the guitar reminds to good old New Order. The down tempo songs on this album remind me to the songs on the “ Disintegration “- album by The Cure. CTRL use musical elements from different genres. This makes this album very alternating. To name a few examples of elements that can be found in there music, here they are: Electro, EBM, Wave, Industrial, synthpop ,etc. It is hard to find a weak song on this release. I will play some of the highligts of this album, on our upcoming Electrogeneration-parties.




1. Transition One

2. Truth

3. Departure

4. Transition Two

5. Recognition

6. Left To Find

7. Transition Three

8. Resurrect

9. We Hope

10. Transition Four

11. Stars Headlight

12. Going Going

13. Escapist

14. Transition Five

15. Aether


Reviewed by Dj Cybergoth on Thursday 20 December 2004




Into The Fray - Supernatural Love Affair

(Album of the month)

 A few weeks ago i was listening to radio free abattoir, an internet radio  specialised in gothic, dark wave & other dark styled music. It was on this radio i first heard Into The Fray’s musical talents. I was overwhelmed  by the warm synthetic sound of this one man project. Almost unbelievable, that just one guy can make such professional sounded songs on his synthesizers , without the use of any software. His songs have a soul, something you can’t say from most new electronic bands. On his strong debut album “Supernatural Love Affair”, there are 9 songs which are all great. Every Into The Fray song sounds quite unique, and have there own dark theme. The songs are catchy, melancholic, dark and very danceable.... they have everything to become great undergroundclubhits. Highly recommendable for a good party @ the goth/electrodancefloor . To be continued... soon, we hope J 


1. Dreamstate Reality
2. Supernatural Love Affair

3. Heartache
4. Luster

5. Fade Away
6. Our Finest Hour
7. Is Lust The Answer

9. Voodoo Lullaby


Into The Fray - Orphans


Into the Fray Single with the original & the extentended edit of the song Orphans. Both versions are melancholic cold electrosongs with  desperate vocodervocals in the tradition of  good old Kraftwerk.


( Into The Fray- Supernatural Love Affair / Orphans- Reviewed by Dj Cybergoth on friday 28 october 2004)



Our Dvd of  the month October




The GODS are Back !!!One of the greatest Depeche Mode-live performances ever recorded on film in 1993/1994, is finally available and re-mastered on DVD. The re-mastering of the image & the sound is done great, the image is very pure. With the Dolby Surround sound it’s like Depeche Mode is performing at your home. Closer then a real concert you can’t get at your home, unless Depeche Mode is really giving a private concert for you. On the original Devotional VHS tape from 1994 there were 2 tracks missing from the entire concert, which are now included on the Devotional DVD. There are also nice extra’s included in this DVD version. On the second disc you have the live projections, which were used on the background screens between the devotional tour concerts. Also on the second disc there are all the promotional videos from Songs of faith & devotion and the MTV Depeche Mode Rockumentary. This DVD is a MUST HAVE for all devoted DM-fans & people, who want to see DM performing one of there best concerts again


( Reviewed by Dj Cybergoth on sunday 10 Oct. 04 )


Depeche Mode - "Devotional" DVD
Mute DM DVD 4
Release Date: September 20th, 2004 (UK) / September 21st, 2004 (USA - tentative)

Full Tracklisting
Disc One:
A performance filmed by Anton Corbijn
01 - Higher Love (7:18)
02 - World In My Eyes (6:01)
03 - Walking In My Shoes (6:38)
04 - Behind The Wheel (5:35)
05 - Stripped (5:05)
06 - Condemnation (3:55)
07 - Judas (4:58)
08 - Mercy In You (4:15)
09 - I Feel You (6:56)
10 - Never Let Me Down Again (4:46)
11 - Rush (4:37)
12 - In Your Room (7:27)
13 - Personal Jesus (5:40)
14 - Enjoy The Silence (6:30)
15 - Fly On The Windscreen (5:11)
16 - Everything Counts (5:28)
17 - Death's Door (3:40)
note: "Death's Door" playing during the credits
Bonus tracks from the "Devotional" performance
01 - Halo (4:40)
02 - Policy Of Truth (5:06)
Disc Two:
Devotional live projections (from the Exotic leg of the Devotional tour)
01 - Walking In My Shoes (6:21)
02 - Stripped (5:01)
03 - Condemnation (3:43)
04 - Judas (5:38)
05 - I Feel You (6:50)
06 - Never Let Me Down Again (4:45)
07 - In Your Room (6:29)
08 - Enjoy The Silence (7:30)
Promotional videos
(*)01 - I Feel You (4:30)
(*)02 - Walking In My Shoes (3:30)
(*)03 - Condemnation (Paris Mix) (4:57)
(*)04 - In Your Room (4:48)
(*)05 - One Caress (4:00)
(*)06 - Condemnation (Live) (3:11)
MTV Documentary
(-)"Depeche Mode Rockumentary" (22:30)
Monologue by Anton Corbijn
(*)A short film by James Rose (8:20)
Devotional Tour Programs
Photo galleries of the 1993 & 1994 tour programs.
All items are 5.1 and PCM Stereo except (*), which are just PCM Stereo, and (-), which is Dolby 2.0 Stereo.
Subtitles available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian & Spanish.
5.1 engineering by Kevin Paul at The Instrument, London in 2004, assisted by David Williams. Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at The Soundmasters, London.



For more info about the Devotional-DVD or to see a DVD-trailer

 click this official link  devotional on dvd


More info about Depeche mode on there official homepage


KASH Korpertriebe e.p.

Album of the Month Oktober, chosen by the Electrogeneration


Recently the powerful debut-release ( Korpertriebe e.p ) from the German electroband Kash  have appeared on the German label Brett Musik . This label is a division of Das Brennende Brett. I best define the music of Kash as a mix of gothic, dark wave, electrometal, EBM, very close to the style of other wellknown German Bands Oomph & Rammstein. Kash sing also in German. But Kash isn’t a copy of these bands, Kash have there own original sound, wich is also more electronic. There music sounds very professional. To tell you more about the Korpertriebe e.p., i can tell you that there is much hitpotential  in the songs. Most likely some of the highlights of this e.p. wil grow out as  high danceble electroclubhits, if Deejays give them enough airplay on there parties. Most of the songs & remixes are up-tempo tracks with a lot energy. One of the strongest debut-releases  i did listen to, this year. I’m watching out for there upcoming album : Herzflut! , wich will come out in november . KASH Rocks, To Be Continued Soon :-)


  1. Prophezeihung
  2. Korpertriebe
  3. Erlkonig
  4. Bei Nacht
  5. Poppen
  6. Korbertriebe/ Karmacoda RMX
  7. Erlkonig/ Duse RMX
  8. Korpertriebe/ Style Clash RMX
  9. Korpertriebe/ Bata Bones RMX
  10. Korperetriebe/ Lime 'n' Dale RMX
  11. Korpertriebe/ 2 Club RMX
  12. Bei Nacht  / Rockwood RMX
Kash- Korpertriebe e.p.-review by Dj Cybergoth  20/09/2004  


 3 Cold Men - 3 Cold Men ( 2004)


Album of the Month August, chosen by the Electrogeneration


For who thought that melancholic synthpop, new romantic or cold electro  is dead, is totally wrong .3 Cold Men  are the modern reincarnation of these styles, and they proof this music is still evolving  & enjoyable . There music reminds me to great new wavebands in the 1980 s, like: Ultravox, The Assembly, Visage, Depeche Mode, Clan of Xymox, Trisomie 21.

To make there music up to dated to the sound of nowadays  electro/wavescene , 3 Cold Men mix there wavy retro-sound with modern synthsounds. Which works perfect, this makes it all more danceable & and never monotone. You can t sit still on there songs, you have to dance on it. Many of there songs have a lot of hit-potential. Some of the highlights & possible electro/wavedancefloorhits  are the songs : 3Cold Men(one of my  favourite 3CM-songs), Don t pretend(with some Depeche Modelike percussion, bits &  lyric-structures), Change of life, X- fragile, Fade to Grey(cover from the Visage-new waveclubhit).


  1. The 3 Cold Men
  2. Truth
  3. Your Face
  4. I Need You
  5. The Tower
  6. Don t Pretend
  7. Change of Life
  8. No One s Face
  9. X-fragile
  10. All You Got Will Be Static
  11. Fade To Grey

    3 Cold Men-cdalbum reviewed by Dj Cybergoth on 09/08/2004  


Kooper Kain - Turning cities to salt

I was very surprised about there sound, when i putted there lovely album in my cdplayer and listen to there cool & exiting songs. The entire album sounds very professional & original. Difficult to put a label on there sound, because there music is more or less a mixture of different styles. Like gothic, new wave, electro, rock, dark ambient, etc..... If i have to put a label on there music, i call it new century new wave. Because there music let me think back to some New Wavebands from the 80 s.There sound is close to the style of the Simple Minds in better times, only a lot darker with a new century feeling. I like that mood very much. They use cool synths & great guitars. There singer have a fine touching , quite unique voice, one that goes straight to the heart.Kooper Kain really ROCKS !!!! I can t find any weak song on there album, there are many highlights on there album. A few examples of these highlights are : :All That s Needed , Red Satin Rivers, Orchid, Moonlight Kiss, Too Far Gone, Icy Stars. These songs give me a deep impression, i recommend them to everyone who loves music with a deeper sense or music that really rocks.



Complete Album tracklist :

  1.  Icy Stars
  2. Sentence Now
  3. Breach
  4. Moonlight Kiss
  5. Crowded
  6. All That s Needed
  7. 80 Years of Dirt
  8. Flicker, Flicker & Out
  9. Eyes On The Ocean
  10. Tonal
  11. Alien
  12. Too Far Gone
  13. Red Satin Rivers
  14. Apocalypse & Pawn
  15. The Ne er Da Well
  16. Orchid
  17. Goodnight Lustmord
  18. The Cowboy Vampire


Kooper Kain - Turning Cities To Salt (cd-album 2004) Reviewed by Dj Cybergoth on 6 july 2004


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