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Electrogeneration Interview with Kooper Kain


                  For practical reasons Kooper Kain isn't able to fly to Europe at the moment.So  there wil be no Belgian concerts this year.But we have also good September we give a exclusive Belgian release-party to promote there second cd.

                  There first album ‘ Turning Cities To Salt” was our Electrogeneration-album of the month July.

                  This KK-album is also chosen as Electrogenerations Best album of 2004            

                  Read the entire review here 

                  We want  introduce you to a very special band from Vancouver Canada .

                  On this page is a interview i made with them.

                            Visit the official Kooper Kain Homepage on


      Interview made by Dj Cybergoth on Tuesday 4 January 2005



Who are the Kooper Kain members, what is each member's role in the band?

The band members are
* Kooper Kain - vocals & programming in the studio
* Buzz Cauldron - bass guitar
* Lowenoize - rhythm guitar
* Recoil - lead guitars
* Danny J - drums and samples.


When & how did Kooper Kain start as band?

Kooper Kain started as a band with the initial recording of a cover of the song "Waterfront" by Simple Minds. It quickly

came together shortly after that as original works followed very fluidly. Kooper Kain is a group of friends with a history
of recording and playing together. All who love dark music.


Who writes the KK-songs?

  *  I ( KK ) write the songs in the studio, and they are then embellished upon and made much more impactful in rehearsals and
live shows by the rest of KK. So essentially, KK music is written collaboratively.


Why did you choose Kooper Kain as band name ?

  *  It sounded kool. It rolls off the tongue and is easy to remember.


Where do you find the inspiration to write the lyrics, what do the lyrics mean to you?

  *  The lyrics are written through stream of consciousness. Stream of thought. They are never written down, I will have an idea
about a person or situation, and will then simply sing as it comes. I tend to liken the songs to dark situations.


How important is music in your life? Can you explain for us?

  *  Music is everything to me personally. I have known for a long time that in one way or another, it will be what I do for a living.
It is the best thing I have to offer this world. If I tried anything else, I'd only be fooling myself. I take it very seriously, but I never
forget what it is, and that most musicians are not going to change the world, they are there to entertain people, and give people
something to hold onto. Very simple really.
To really do this well, though, a band must pay attention to the things that people really love about music
and what they use it for. A band that successfully does this, has a better chance of surviving longer in a world of short attention
span, and a music industry that is quite frankly, in the toilet.


What is the favourite KK-song of each KK-band member? Tell us also why?

  *  I ( KK ) like ALL of them except "apocalypse & pawn", it has vocal lines I wish I hadn't used. Buzz's favorite is "Breach"
Lowenoize's favorite is "Flicker, Flicker & Out", Recoil's favorite is "Red Satin Rivers" I'm not sure what Danny J likes best...
But this is difficult to really say with any accuracy, because we like all the songs really. That's why there are such different styles
to some of them, so that we would enjoy playing them.


If  you had the chance to produce the next album for a very famous band. Who would you choose ?   What would you try to create ?

  *  I would love to produce an album for ANY of these bands:  Depeche Mode,  Skinny Puppy, Peter Murphy or Simple Minds.
My goal for all of them would be the same.  To try and help them make and album that would make fans of both their old style,
and new style, happy. Something for everyone, by simply putting elements of old and new cleverly into each song. I know that
famous bands like to "experiment" when they get bored, but it's not all about them. I don't believe in that
"if the fans don't like it...screw 'em" attitude. If a band knows that certain things appeal to fans, put them on the f@#!!ing record!
Be clever about it, don't just stop things because you haven't got the patience to reshape it, get someone else to help.
When bands get lazy or fed up. they make half-assed music that largely relies on the famous name to sell any records.


What can the people expect from the new KK- cd ? Why do you think people should buy it?

  *  The next KK record will have dark vampy music like the first, but the songs will be a little more punchy, with bigger
fatter drums, more vocal harmonies, and much better production. I was happy with the production on the first one, I felt it
was competent and had a semi-high gloss production, but I recently updated my studio and the mixes I'm getting are really
what I think we want Kooper Kain to sound like.



Can you tell us something more about the visual art on the KK- homepage & who designed it?

  *  The website was designed and is maintained by me. The graphics page features art by various KK members.
The pieces have the name of the artist listed underneath. The CG and illustrations are mine, the sculpture is by Buzzy
and the painting is by Danny J.


Where can people find & see your visual art? Can people buy it somewhere?

  *  If someone wants something they see on the site or an original work for them, they only have to email us.
We do commisioned work if someone wants it.


In what do you find the most satisfaction, creating new songs in studio or playing songs live ? Tell us why.

  *  Both are very exciting things. The studio is is fun because we can create the music with a sense of anticipation about playing
them live. And live performance is fun because we get to see how close to the record we can get. Usually, it winds up sounding
just like the album, or better.


How are the reactions to your music & concerts in Canada ?

  *  Our shows here have been extremely well received I'm happy to say. We have a good scene here. We are excited to get to Europe
though, and it seems that fans of KK here are eager to see us go to Europe as well, They think we'll do well. We hope so.


Give 5 good reasons why people have to come to your concerts here in Belgium ?

  *  There's only one real reason to see a KK show, if we have a good sound system, we put on a helluva show. It's powerful
music and comes across live really well with a good sound system. If you like what you heard on the record, you'll really
enjoy the live version of KK.


What are your expectations  from the people here, when you visit Belgium ?

  *  I expect people to speak french a lot, other than that, I hope we will be able to meeting as many goth folks as possible.


Apart from your concerts & the promotion of the new KK-cd , are there any other reasons why you want to visit Europe & Belgium ?

  *  Culture, architecture, landscape, and experience.


What are Kooper Kain plans for the future?

  *  We are working on getting a video done, and playing live more often in the new year.


Do you have a message for our party visitors & the other people in the world?

  *  Be simple. Make sure you make time to party. Always be yourself. Buy our record.