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Profile Resident Electrogeneration-Dj Cybergoth aka Danny


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Dj name : Cybergoth

Contact: webmaster@electrogeneration.4t.com 

Real Name : Danny De Waele

Birth date: 01/09/1973

Star sign : Virgin

Status : Happy in Love

Electrogeneration branches: Resident Dj, Web Master, internet contact person & promoter

Favourite musicstyle : New Wave, EBM, dark 80’s, alternative rock

First record : Europe - The Final Countdown

Favourite band : Depeche Mode


Danny De Waele houdt van

Depeche ModeDepeche Mode
Creëer jou "ik houd van" badge

Favourite singer: Dave Gahan

All time favourite song : Depeche Mode – A Question of Time

First concert/festival : Belga Beach Festival 1994 with Depeche Mode, The Sisters of Mercy & many other bands

Favourite movie: The Lost boys

Favourite actor: Jack Nicholson

First DJ experience: 19 October 1996 at Limelight Follies, Antwerp Belgium

Between 1997 until 2003 Resident Dj at the following parties :  Swing The Heartache, Darkest Nights, The Bunker( Deurne) +  guest-Dj performances at other parties.

Likes: chocolate, music, movies

Dislike : R’ & B’music, discrimination, close minded people



Dj Cybergoth personal Top 10 of songs published in 2004


1)Depeche Mode World in my Eyes ( Cicada remix)

2)  Kooper Kain – Orchid

3)Clan of Xymox – Louise( 2004)

4)Into The Fray – Luster

5)Asmodeus X – Mourningstar

6)The Hacker – Radiation

7)3 Cold Men – 3 Cold men

8)Kash – Erlkönig ( Düse-Remix)

9)Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Yesterday brings but a Serpent of Ash

10)Oomph – Augen Auf !


Dj Cybergoth (personal top 5 albums 2004)


1)Kooper Kain – Turning cities to Salt

2)Virgin Prunes – If I Die, I Die ( remastered re-release 2004)

3)Clan of Xymox – The best of

4)Into The Fray - Supernatural Love Affair

5)Asmodeus X – Mourningstar


Dj Cybergoth All time favorite bands top 10  :

1)Depeche Mode


3)Fad Gadget


5)The Sisters of Mercy

6)Duran Duran

7)The Cure

8)Poësie Noire

9)The Klinik

10)Guns’n Roses